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Crime of the Week

If you have any information about these crimes or any person(s) involved, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 216 252-7463  or submit a Web Tip.  You do not have to give your name.  CRIME STOPPERS will pay a cash reward of up to $2500 and you can remain anonymous. 

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9/22/2016 - Illegal dumping Sept 19, 2016
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If you can identify this male please contact Crime Stoppers. You may be eligible for a cash reward and can remain anonymous.

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9/16/2016 - Robbery Zone Rec Center 8/26/2016

On 8-26-16 the victim was leaving Zone Recreation Center located at 6301 Lorain Ave at 5:30 pm when 2 suspects approached him and accused him of calling his sister a “name”.  The suspects insisted they look inside the victims backpack and then tried to take it.  The suspects told the victim they had a gun and punched the victim in the face and fled.  If anyone recognizes these two suspects please contact Crime Stoppers.

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9/16/2016 - Robbery Rite Aid Clark Ave 8/23/2016

On 8-23-16 this suspect went into Rite aid located at 3402 Clark and took 3 cans of coffee and walked out without paying.  The victim attempted to stop him and suspect punched the victim in the face and strangled him before fleeing.  If anyone recognizes this suspect please contact Crime Stoppers. The physical assault on the store employee makes it a robbery.

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9/9/2016 - Burglary W11th St 9-7-2016
On 9-7-16 at around 4:00pm this suspect went inside an attached open garage at the 2000 block of W 11th.St.  and took a bike.  The  suspect is described as a white or Hispanic male 20’s 5’9 with sleeve tats on his right arm and on his calf.  He was wearing a black t-shirt with “haters are what motivate me” written in yellow.  If anyone recognizes this male please contact Crime Stoppers.

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9/9/2016 - Robbery - Burger King Clark Ave 9-7-2016

On 9-7-16 this suspect entered Burger King located at 3305 Clark ave. and walked up to the counter. The suspect pulled a gun and placed it on the counter and demanded money from the register.  The victim told the suspect there wasn’t any money because she made a drop.   The suspect then picked up his gun and fled the store.If anyone  recognizes the clothing or has any knowledge of this crime please contact Crime Stoppers.

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9/7/2016 - Fatal Hit Skip Kinsman Rd
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LOCATION: Kinsman Rd. & East 69th St.
DATE:  08/18/2016                  TIME: 2345 hrs

VICTIM: McCormick, Lennell D.  B/M/24

SYNOPSIS:  Victim Lennell McCormick  reportedly exited his vehicle that he parked facing Eastbound on Kinsman Ave near East 69th Street after a verbal argument with a friend and was  struck by an unidentified vehicle which leaves the scene of the accident heading eastbound on Kinsman Rd.

He was subsequently transported to Metro Health ER where he later  succumbed to his injuries.

Accident Unit Contact Number : 216-623-5290

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9/7/2016 - Theft - Sams Club- Brooklyn OH 6/13-14/2016
On 6/13/16 a couple walks into Sam’s Club in Brooklyn and opens an account under the name of our victim.  Once this is complete, they purchase several iPads and leave.  They come back the next day and purchase several more iPads on the account.  They then leave and fill up the gas on their minivan (Possibly a Chrysler).Information leading to arrest and indictment is eligible for a cash reward.

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9/6/2016 - Aggravated robbery 9-5-2016 CVS West Blvd

On September 5th, 2016, at approx.1706 hrs, the suspect (pictured) entered the CVS located at 3171 West Blvd., Cleveland, produced a note claiming he had a handgun on him and demanded narcotics. The clerk handed over a bag with approx. 1300 Oxycodone valued at $2,000 and the suspect fled the store. Suspect described as a white male, mid 30’s, 6’1”, 210lbs with brown hair.

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9/3/2016 - Burglary - Warrensville Hts 8/26/2016

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On Friday 8/26/16 around 2:08PM Warrensville Heights had a burglary. Luckily there was no one home, but there was one security camera in the house. As you can see at least one of the three suspects had a gun. A black 4dr car with a Temp Tag in the rear window may have been used by the suspects. Call Crime Stoppers with information.

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9/2/2016 - Robbery Marathon 3501 Lorain 8/31/2016

On 8-31-16 this victim went to 3501 Lorain Ave to play the lottery at the Marathon gas station.  The suspect who had a baby in a stroller reached into the victims pocket and took $75.  The victim realized the male went inside his pocket and took his money so he told the male to return his money.  The male  then  threatened to hurt him.  The suspect  and victim tussled and he then pushed the victim  and grabbed the child from the stroller and ran.  The suspect is described as a B/M wearing a dark stripped shirt, full beard with a bald spot  and a dark colored back pack on his back.  If anyone recognizes the suspect please contact Crime Stoppers.

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